The Winged Hussars - TIMELINE


3301.10.10 - "The Winged Hussars" group is founded. First Hussars join in. Mathias is elected to become the Grand Hetman.
3301.10.16 - MAPOR system wins in the voting for TWH HQ. The Hussars start moving their fleet.
3301.10.25 - Diplomatic relations with neighbouring factions of Mercs of Mikunn and Communism Interstellar are initiated. Diplomatic incident with Mercs of Mikunn, who are trying to take control over Mapor system. 
3301.10.29 - The Hussars decide to accommodate MoM's request and move their HQ to a different system. 
3301.11.01 - TWH Forums are founded. 
3301.11.05 - HR 8444 system wins the new HQ voting. The exodus begins.
3301.11.11 - Pilots Federation officially registers The Winged Hussars faction in HR 8444 system. The Hussars take control of Maskelyne Vision - Coriolis type orbital station. Influence level: 6.2%.
3301.11.15-18 - War with Blue State Industry in HR 8444 system.
3301.12.03 - 16 TWH Commanders participates in Don Anotnacci's pirate attack  on the Hutton Truckers convoy. The attack ends with the famous Battle of Mapor, which has been immortalised in a poem, that can be seen on a platinum board in Chaviano Gateway outpost.
3301.12.04 - The first TWH expansion. Target: JAROJINANH.
3301.12.17 - "Broadening the Horizons" - an event to celebrate the release of Horizons expansion. 
3301.12.19 - "Classy Rarities" - trade convoy event. organizer: Cmdr Mathias Shallowgrave.
3301.12.21 - "Golden Rain" - Christmas gold giveaway event. organizer: Cmdr Baton.
3302.01.01 - The second TWH expansion. Target: ASTURE.
3302.01.06 - TWH takes control over Jarojinanh system.
3302.01.14 - Maskelyne Vision census results: over 150 pilots now flies under the Hussars' banner. 
3302.01.18 - TWH takes control over Asture system.
3302.01.19 - "Hussars' Minor Favour" movie premiere. Directors: Cmdr Yata_PL & Cmdr Drakkainen.
3302.01.20 - The third TWH expansion. Target: JAARN.
3302.01.22 - A spec-ops Wing "The Lightening" is formed. Commanding officers: Cmdr Krutek & Cmdr Kyokushin.
3302.01.24 - "Premier PVP League" - internal event organised by Cmdr Krutek. The winner is Cmdr Kyokushin.
3302.01.27 - "Keelback Monster Crash" event. Organizer: Cmdr Krutek.
3302.01.29 - "To The Nebulae" expedition leaves HR 8444 system, being led by Cmdr Doom_Days.
3302.01.30 - Cmdr Anukus presents: "The Race" i "Destruction Derby" movies.
3302.02.01 - TWH takes control over Jaarn system.
3302.02.02 - First "burning of a system" test by "The Lightening" wing. 
3302.02.03 - Cmdr JH goes missing during "To The Nebulae" expedition. A searching party is sent out into the black.  
3302.02.06 - "Great Elite Quiz" on Team Speak. The winner is Cmdr Goliat. He
generously passes the prize, which is Horizons expansion pass to another Commander. 3302.02.13 - "Assassinate the Hetman" - birthday event for Grand Hetman. Organizer: "The Lightening" wing.
3302.02.13 - "Victory Parade" - celebration of taking control over Jaarn system.
3302.02.17 - Searching for the "ghost expansion". 
3302.02.18 - 3302.04.12 - "Wander Time" - Grand Hetman of The Winged Hussars goes for a lonely trip to Heart and Soul Nebulae, tormented by the demons of his past. 
3302.02.19 - Another expedition organised by Cmdr Doom_days leaves HR 8444 system. It's called "Following the Light of Prometheus".
3302.02.22 - Cmdr Haji-me joins the famous "Distant Worlds" expedition, which aims to reach the far end of the galaxy. He reports the progress in his Commander's Log. 
3302.02.26 - Cmdr Baton creates "The Lance" wing.
3302.02.xx - Espionage and Intelligence "Phoenix" wing is founded. Commanding Officer: Cmdr Doom_Days.
3302.03.07 - The fourth TWH expansion. Target: JUPALO.
3302.03.09 - "Lost" movie premiere. Director: Cmdr Anukus.
3302.03.15 - "The PVP Ladder" starts. Organizer: Cmdr Szczygiel.
3302.0318 - "Erazm Drozd's Great Race Event" - SRV racing event. Organizer: Collins Market mer Erazm Drozd & Cmdr Scott Scale.
3302.03.21 - TWH takes control over Jupalo system.
3302.03.23 - The fifth TWH expansion. Target: CAMUNAB. 
3302.03.25 - TWH joins "The PVP League" - galactic wing fighting tournament. 
3302.03.25 - Smiling Dog Crew provocation. Cmdr Maver1977's Cutter is destroyed in a trap. 
3302.03.28 - MoM asks TWH for help with fighting off Archona Delaine's and Kumo Crew's attack on Wadir system. TWH joins the defensive operation. 
3302.03.30 - After a few months of initial talks TWH officially joins The Border Coalition.  
3302.04.03 - The sixth TWH expansion. Target: 9 IOTA PISCIS AUSTRINI.
3302.04.05 - Regular PVP training sessions begin due to tense situation and potential war with SDC faction. 
3302.04.07 - TWH takes control over Camunab system.
3302.04.09 - Cmdr Haji-me returns from "Distant Worlds" expedition, escorted by The Winged Hussars. 
3302.04.12 - The first "PVP League" match. Opponents: Contrail.
3302.04.16 - TWH takes control over 9 Iota Piscis Austrini system. 
3302.04.18 - The official Pilots Federation raport places The Winged Hussars on the 7th place in the galactic faction ranking. This result is achieved in just 7 months. There are nearly 250 pilots flying under the Hussars' banner. 
3302.04.18 - The second PVP League match. Opponent: Blood Brothers from Alrai.
3302.04.18 - The seventh TWH expansion. Target: XINGANG MU.
3302.04.20 - "Hetman's Proclamation" - the speech related to joining The Border Coalition. 
3302.04.26 - TBC operation in Manite. Organizer: Cmdr Gutenberg.
3302.04.28-29 - Shooting for PR Coalition movie. 
3302.04.29 - The eighth TWH expansion. Target: NARVERNACA.
3302.05.03 - TWH takes control over Xingang Mu system. 
3302.05.05 - "Erazm Drozd's Jump Contest" - SRV acrobatic jump contest. Organizer: Collins Market mer Erazm Drozd & Cmdr Scott Scale.
3302.05.10 - The ninth TWH expansion. Target: APIACA.
3302.05.14 - TWH takes control over Narveranca system.
3302.05.18 - The third PVP League match. Opponent: 51th Maisilia.
3302.05.21 - The tenth TWH expansion. Target:  HIP 110115.
3302.05.22 - The fourth PVP League match. Opponent: Smiling Dog Crew. TWH ends the current season in the League. 
3302.05.23 - The Border Coalition's help operation for the Canonn Research Group begins. The aim is to bring Ising Dock's services back online, following a UA bombing by Diamond Frogs.
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