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[ENG] Group Information

The Winged Hussars is a community of Polish players of Elite: Dangerous. We have our own faction in game - please have a look at the description of HR 8444 system on the galaxy map.

As a community, our main goal is to unite Polish players under the hussars' banner. We also aim to achieve specific in game-goals, by creating missions, contests and events available only for our group members like trade convoys, exploration trips, directing in game movies, races, regular PVP training, CQC matches, Community Goals, mining operations and pirate raids. All these activities are available for our community members.

Part of the group are also Special Wings. These are official Special Forces of The Winged Hussars, which have been appointed to fulfil specific goals in the community for its better organisation and functioning. Each Wing has its own closed-off subforums and Team Speak channel, where they can plan their activities.

In exchange for the possibility of being a community member and having access to vast resources on our forums (regular Newsletter, game news, guides, contests with prizes, bulletin board, events and other activities), we ask you to read our forums on a regular basis in order to access latest information and news regarding our community, helping the group in the times of need (as and when possible - no pressure!) and adhering to the in game guidelines so that you don't act against our faction. It could be helping our allies, not acting for or against a given Power or staying away from certain systems that are being prepared for our next expansion. Other than that, you are free do play as you want.

We are a friendly community and we are not looking for pointless conflicts. We aim to keep friendly diplomatic relations with other factions. We are also one of the 3 factions that have founded The Border Coalition.

Join our community of over 250 pilots flying under the Hussars' banner and write the pages of galactic history with us! Check our YouTube channel for some videos too!


The golden rule that lies at the foundations of our community is the freedom of choice. Most of our members are grown up adults with jobs, families and things going on in real life. The community leadership is fully aware that we all have a life to live and that's why we don't require our members to play certain number of hours per week, because we are of an opinion that video games - while they can certainly be passion - are not a second job.

The same goes for play style and what we do in Elite. None of the missions, events and other activities we organise are compulsory. The main aim of the group is uniting Polish community, so we allow for any play style in our community. Regardless of whether you are a trader, pirate, murderer or miner, regardless of your support for Federation, Empire or Alliance - as long as you don't act against our group (be it in- or outside of the game) - you are free to play as you wish.

Of course being a member of any community is partially being ready to compromise, therefore we do have some constraints that are supposed to help fulfilling main aims of our group or are introduced as a reaction to the current diplomatic and political situation in game, however in general we are of an opinion that a video game is supposed to be a relaxing experience, rather than unpleasant chore and we try not to constraint the experience as much as we can.


Elite is an excellent platform for role playing fun. Due to our "freedom of choice" rule we have vast spectrum of opportunities to get involved in that kind of gameplay. We have a complex simulation of an entire galaxy, with its politics, economy and struggle for powers and resources. In other words - a massive sandbox, where we can play and have some fun. We have the sand and the toys and now it's up to us to start building castles and make up stories about knights in shiny armour, fire breathing dragons and imprisoned princesses in tall, white towers... Wait, it's a wrong fairy tale! But you know what we mean.

With just a little commitment and good will we are able to create a foundations for great fun! The way we grow and develop our faction is not an outcome of soulless calculation and desire max out your profit per hour, but it's comes from wanting to have good fun and to feel - if only for a few hours while we play - like an actual space ship pilot that lives and breathes the 34th century universe and belongs to an independent group of Commanders, whose ancestors were a great nation coming from the ancient country of Poland.

Our group has its own history and lore, all being recorded and based on what we actually do and achieve in game. All the official communication in the group (guidelines, information, newsletter, manifestos) are in the role playing spirit and IC (in-character), that is from the point of view the in-game character, rather than a player in front of the screen.

While we encourage everyone to role play, it certainly isn't a requirement. If you like to immerse yourself in the game world and do a little role play - you'll most definitely feel like home in our community. If you haven't got a clue what role playing is... join us and find out for yourself!

Our attitude towards the game is perfectly presented in our jubilee movie, created by Cmdr Anukus (English subtitles coming soon!)


Due to massive commitment and involvement of our community in the game, we have quite a few achievements, of which we are extremely proud. The most important ones are:
  • Introducing a Polish faction of The Winged Hussars into the game, along with a relevant description on the galaxy map (HR 8444 system).
  • In the moment of writing these words - controlling the most systems of all player groups. There are well over 30 systems under Hussars' jurisdiction.
  • Thanks from the developer in the official Elite Dangerous art book for our community.
  • Introducing of our faction in the official Elite: Dangerous novel "Premonition" by Drew Wagar.
  • Second place in the first ever official competition to introduce new player factions to the Colonia region, which lies 20,000 LY away from Sol. Thanks to TWH we have Polish Kopernik system and planetary base Kolonia Sobieski in game.
  • Official support of Children of Raxxla during the biggest online event in Elite so far - protecting Cmdr Salome, which involved over 2000 Commanders from the whole galaxy.
  • Invitation for the community leader, Cmdr Mathias Shallowgrave, to visit Frontier Development offices, along with other prominent Elite community members, such as Obsidian Ant or The Hutton Orbital Truckers leader, Cmdr Vingtetun. The invitation was sent to the "pillars of ED community", which shows that the developer appreciates our involvement, commitment and passion for the game.  
  • Organising a successful operation of repairing Obsidian Orbital. Many pilots from the whole galactic community took part in this project. 


The forums is divided into 2 sections - public, available to all the Polish community of Elite Dangerous, and private, available only for the actual faction members.

If you are not the member of The Winged Hussars faction, as a registered user you will get access to the public part of the forums. You will find many game guides here and also a themed forums for discussing various aspects of the game.

Because we aim to be as helpful and open as possible, the game guides section is available to all the guests visiting our forum - you don't even need to register a forum account to access the guides. However only the registered users are able to write posts and access the remaining forums:
  • General Elite Discussion
  • Fighting
  • Trading
  • Exploration
  • Engineers
  • Guides
  • Gallery
  • Off-topic
Apart from the forums, we also offer access to our Team Speak server to all the registered users. Team Speak is a great tool allowing for a voice communication for everyone.
:: Oficjalny Partner FDEV - zapraszam na Twitch po partnerskie skórki!
:: Tapetki z Elite i nie tylko. 

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